How to Cycle around the World in 7 Easy Steps

The idea of cycling around the globe is in thrilling itself but the reality is far more electrifying than you would have imagined. It’s all about challenging your limits and seeking new adventures. If you too enjoy cycling and love the ideo of exploring the world on a bicycle, we can help you kick start this fascinating journey. Here is what you need to keep in mind while planning a cycle ride around the enchanting cities of the world.



  1. Begin with the Research

Start your research, the very moment this great idea strikes your mind. Practically, it can consume months collecting information about the city rules, visa, equipment, budget, and time scale. However, there is no need to sit back and arrange the things. You can start the journey with some initial preparation and manage the other things on your way. Apart from that, the London vacation planners also offer great insights from the years of riding experience and several successful distance tours.

  1. Training is a Must

Cycling 3-4 miles is far easier than being on a cycle trip. Do not underestimate the obstacles on the way; instead, focus on mastering the art of cycling. Join a cycling club and gym to improve your strength and experience.

  1. Save A good Fortune

You never know what you come across in the foreign land. For a safer journey, start saving for the upcoming days when you will be out exploring the exotic sites. As a part of better planning, a cyclist does look for some job while traveling; it can be anything like blogging, wildlife volunteer or anything you come across in the way.

  1. Invest in quality Gears

Going for cheap and non-reliable gears is nowhere going to benefit you. As a matter of fact, you need the best of the gadgets for a hassle-free journey. Talk to the nearby vendor regarding the replacement parts that you might need in between the journey. They can happily parcel it for you and you can pick it up from the courier center of the area.

  1. Plan A Route

Poring over the map for hours can be troublesome. Hence, we suggest you go through the routes in advance. Get a slight idea of the potential areas and its surroundings to make your journey trouble-free. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong in being lost for some time. After all, it is can be ultimate fun to enjoy the lost world and its fun elements.

  1. Don’t Forget The Fun

There might be a reason for this tour; some do it for charity and other for nature’s mission. Whatever, your idea of cycling is, do not forget to enjoy every moment of it. Too much riding can make your brain rot and to stimulate your senses you have to keep up with other exciting things too. Get your podcast, laptops, and other things that bring you joy.

  1. Maintain The Social Contact

Even while you are on the roads far away from your place, you can stay connected with your people. Social media platforms offer you the ease of connecting with your loved ones. Along with being a great way of socializing, this will also motivate you for your goal.

Take a cue from here and prove yourself as a master cyclist.


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