Expectations for Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca is a spiritual plant concoction that has been known to open your mind and lead to revelations about the soul. It is made of a special vine called Caapi found deep in the Amazon jungles in Peru.

This vine is mixed along with leaves, shrubs and other substances resulting in a thick brown coloured liquid. The partaking of the Ayahuasca drink is an experience that will open a mind to the realities of life and the people around oneself.


The awareness of Ayahuasca as a spiritual medium has increased significantly on all forums. The retreats that provide proper access to Ayahuasca have gained significant interest.

These retreats offer the particular facilities and the shamans have knowledge that will properly enhance your use of the plant. You also have to know what you are going to be doing and a rough idea what to expect. Here are some of the things you will do.

  • Ingesting the Ayahuasca drink 

The unique blend of tea has to be drunk to bring about the hallucinogenic revelations that will open your mind to itself. These shamans are based in the jungle areas and have great knowledge of the use and directions of the plant. It is to made into a string tea like substance that is brown in colour. The ingestion will take place in a candle lit place and will have minimal furniture. Mats or bags might be provided to rest and appreciate the change. This will all be done under the guidance of experienced shamans.  They will be able to make sure that there are no overdoses and merely curious individuals don’t misuse the substance.

  • Keeping track of an advised diet

The process about to be undertaken might require you to follow a specific diet to rid the body of toxins. These steps are necessary to ensure that the process of drinking Ayahuasca doesn’t cause undue discomfort for an unavoidable reason. Some people already have healthy lifestyles and will not require much cleansing. These people might have a slightly better experience but if a diet is followed beforehand, there will be optimal results. The process of purging during the hallucinations is due to the need to get rid of non compliant substances that will affect the self realisation process.  If this is not done, vomiting and purging can occur which solves the problem but in a crude manner.

  • Singing of the Icaros

Shamans will carry out their traditions of singing the Ayahuasca accompanying music called Icaros. This will help enhance the hallucinogenic effects that the plant has on the mind. Visions will come slowly and surely in addition to the Icaros. This is normal and will create the whole version of the experience so that the self will be gradually erased in the moment. Music is a powerful form of art and can affect us profoundly. Ayahuasca is meant to affect realisations and will definitely be enhanced by the sacred songs. The Icaros, on being heard, will help you also appreciate the power of this art on the serene mind. Music in itself, can affect transformations on the mind but coupled with the plant, will provide a whole new aspect of self.

  • Experience of the Mind

There will be a profound change in your life following the experience. The process itself will involve the self being let go. The retreats are meant for this purpose and are tailored in this way to be unforgettable. They vary each time from person to person and provide entirely unique outcomes each time. Even if you have participated in a previous retreat, the feelings, visions and revelations will be completely different. This is the reason that partaking of the plant isn’t usually a solitary experience. It opens doors in your mind and forces the realisation that there is a lot more to learn about others and yourself.

  • The rest of your life guided

Ayahuasca imparts lessons that are heard by the mind and soul. People who have reached the higher intellectual plane testify to the voice being that of a woman’s. Not everyone will hear this voice initially. Some participants may request an extra dose of the concoction to hear it. It will be administered on the Shaman’s good judgement. This voice will act like a guide long after the process even if the actual thing goes away. The lessons it imparts will stick in the spirit and will ensure the deeper understanding that was sought out in the first place.

It is important to understand the happenings and what mindset should be adopted before going on an Ayahuasca retreat. These places offer great opportunities for self realisation and development and must be treated with the appropriate respect. The most important thing to do before embarking on this journey is to achieve a proper intention of discovery that will lead to the most appropriate state of mind.

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