6 Places to visit in Tokyo

Tokyo, the capital of Japan is one of the world’s most eminent vacation destinations. This metropolitan city is a wonderful blend of time-honored culture and innovations. From old Buddhist temples to modern skyscrapers of Tokyo, this tourist spot has a lot to offer, if you are mentally geared-up to pack your bags this winter holidays. Roll down and note down the top 6 places to visit in Tokyo:

  1. Meiji Shrine


Do you want to explore the traditional civilization of Tokyo? Yeah, then you probably won’t accomplish that without spending a day or more in Meiji Shrine. Located in Shibuya, Tokyo, this shrine is in the middle of a charismatic dense forest, and it is devoted to the never-dying sprints of ruler Meiji and empress Shōken.

In the last few years, this place of pilgrimage has become a preferred spot for nuptial ceremonies as; this site is easily accessible from the Harajuku Station, and also provides an exceptional background for wedding functions. In addition there are many workshops spots around the shrine grounds, where the locals, the young girls dressed in charming kimonos offer prayers every day.

  1. Yoyogi Park on a Sunday afternoon


There is no better place in Tokyo than this park, if you wish to witness’ the wacky side of otherwise reserved citizens of this city. This leisure tourist spot is very popular among the youth of Tokyo, and generally heavily packed on Sunday afternoons.

Don’t feel amazed if you come across beautiful girls sipping lip-smacking red wine from japans’ traditional double fashion crystal glasses. While you will also see romancing couples, and small kids playing baseball, or just roaming here and there!

  1. Zojoji Temple

Next to Tokyo tower is this Buddhist holy place. The origin of this temple is dated back to the 14th century; however, it was shifted to its current location in the back end of the 16th century. Though this shrine was roughly vandalized during the Second World War, still there are many structures which are really stunning to see.

The Zojoji Temple is magnificently encircled with beautiful trees and vegetation.  And, irrespective of the fact that this place receives thousands of visitors daily; it is still a great spot to attain peace of mind and relaxation. Charming kittens’ napping on the footsteps is just to elaborate the above statement.

The best part of this temple is the six Tokugawa shoguns which are buried at back gate. And, if you have naughty kids in your vacation group, then don’t forget to spend time at Unborn Children Garden; featuring stunning stones, many statues which showcase the transition of life in a classy manner. 

  1. Cat cafe

Most of you might be wondering what it is. Is it a place where cats are being sold? No! A Cat cafe is a small bistro where you can take pleasure from the scrumptious dishes made from the handpicked premium fishes, while you play with sweet kitties, and the tuna curry is just perfect to pamper your taste buds.  And, the exciting part, you have to get rid of your shoes at the entrance point, and comfy slippers will be provided for a real cultural fell of Japan.

  1. Tokyo sky tree tower

You probably would have heard of the Tokyo tower, but not this one. As, over the years the Tokyo tower has become a premiere tourist spot in the world, and always compared with the Eiffel tower in Paris.  But, a new kid has entered the arena, and has gained in popularity since it’s unveiling in the year 2010; the Tokyo sky tree tower 634 meter in height, beautiful wrapped in colorful light, and looks amazing at the late hours of the day. If you want to grab a panoramic view of Tokyo, then head straight to this skyscraper when you are in Tokyo.

6 Mount fuji



With 12,388 ft, Mount fuji is the highest mountain in Japan.  And, the legendary symmetrical cone symbol of Japan is derived from this mountain peak. Every year approx 200,000 trekkers climb this mountain, 30% of them are nonresidents of Japan.

The above six places to visit in Tokyo are enough to advocate why Tokyo is such a great tourist spot, but there are much more to see and do.

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