10 Tips to keep your Furry and Feathered Friend in top shape

Only a dog owner can understand the amount of love and affection he can bring to your home. Apart from providing valuable companionship, dogs add real joy to our life with their unconditional love. Hence, it’s only fair that you reciprocate by taking care of your furry friend. Being a dog owner it’s also your responsibility to ensure that your pooch lives a long, healthy and happy life. There are a number of things that you can do to make sure that your dog stays by your side as long as possible. From giving him a nutritious diet to preventive health care to a loving environment, we have enlisted everything you need to do to keep your furry and feathered friend in top shape. Take heart these easy and effective tips and follow them religiously.

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1. Balanced and Nutritious Diet

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The nutritional needs of dog change over the course of his life from birth to adulthood. You need to offer a well balanced and nutritious diet to your furry friend according to his age. Make sure you include animal based protein for muscle maintenance, fibers for proper digestion, vitamins and minerals for immunity and vitamin-rich fish oils to keep him furry and healthy. Don’t forget to pay attention to the portion control in order to maintain your dog’s ideal weight.
2. Plenty of play

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Inactivity is just as harmful for your dog, as it is for you. Lack of physical activity may lead to weight gain and consequently many other serious ailments including diabetes, heart and lung diseases. Make sure you take your dog for brisk walks at least twice a day. Map out a training routine for him and get some interactive toys for indoor activities. Indulging in games like Frisbee and fetch, with your dog will help you take care of his health and will also give you a great chance to bond with your furry friend.
3. Groom

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Regular dog grooming will not only ensure that your pooch flaunts a shiny and furry coat forever, but it also enables you to protect your dog from parasites like fleas, ticks or mites. Brushing is a good time to check for any skin condition that might be causing any discomfort to your dog. Also inculcate clipping your dog’s nails to your grooming routine. Make sure you also check and clean his ears from time to time so that you can prevent dirt, debris or parasites from accumulating up there and causing some irreversible damage.
4. Don’t ignore the dental health

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Dental care of dogs plays a major role in his overall health. If you brush your dog’s teeth daily, chances are you can remove any plaque or bacterial build up on his teeth. It also gives you an opportunity to check his mouth for loose or damaged teeth, sores, or any other problem. Use only the dental toothpaste and toothbrush made for dogs. Apart from regular brushing, have your pet’s mouth examined by a professional once or twice a year. This will help you gauge any potential dental problems before they become serious.
5. Pamper him with Healthy Treats

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Researches show that the raw knuckle bones are extremely effective in preserving dog’s health. The bones help clean dog’s teethes; provide them an oral workout and a healthy dose of calcium as they still have some tendons and muscle meat attached. Go for raw bones instead of cooked ones as cooking the bones takes away the beneficial nutrients. Apart from that you can also pamper your pooch with some other tasty and healthy snacks like Frozen Sardine, a tiny fish which is rich in omega or baby carrots, which are perfect on-the-go snacks.
6. Bi-annual exams

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The best thing you can do for your dog’s health is get him routine veterinary check-ups. Bi-annual exams act as a preventive measure, which enables you to identify any potential problem at the right time. Your veterinarian conducts a complete physical exam from nose to tail to examine your dog’s health. Additional tests may be recommended by your vet based on your dog’s previous history and needs. This will help prevent many treatable diseases. Also get your dog the recommended vaccination from time to time.
7. Keep him hydrated

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Water plays an important role in maintaining the overall health of your dog. Make sure your dog stays hydrated all day long by drinking plenty of fresh water. This will allow the body to work properly and also aids digestion. Make sure you clean his bowl with dish soap and water regularly and also change the water at least once to ensure that your dog gets clean and fresh water. Cleaning the bowl regularly will help prevent bacteria and algae to grow in the bowl during summers.
8. Provide a good resting place

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If your pooch stays along with you in your house, make sure that you offer him a soft and cozy dog bed to sleep in. And if your chose to keep your dog outside, you must provide a dog shelter with warm bedding for winters, shade for the hotter months and other necessities. It is also important you wash your dog bedding regularly to prevent accumulation of bacteria, mites and odor. A personal resting space, which is cozy and comfy, makes your dog feel more at home and fulfilling these fundamental needs is essential to dog’s health.
9. Mental activity


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Along with physical health, mental health of your dog also needs to be looked after. Dogs are intelligent creatures that thrive on psychological challenge. Such challenges help in keeping the neural pathways and connections to the brain, strong and healthy. Mental stimulation through training not only teaches dog self-control and a willingness to work or solve a problem, but also strengthens your human-canine bond. You can try smart dispenser-type toys that make your dog work for food. Proper dog training like obedience exercises and teaching him a few tricks can also help meet your dog’s psychological needs and maintain his mental health.
10. Offer him a loving home

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At, the end it’s important to offer your dog a loving and caring home. Just like us humans, dogs need attention and affection, which doesn’t come from fussing and petting alone. You need to include your furry friend in daily activities and chores. Involving dogs in mundane activities is a great way to offer attention. You will be surprised to see what a dog can accomplish with proper training. Setting social boundaries, indulging in regular playful interactions and meeting his basic as well as physical needs helps in establishing a healthy relationship with your dog.
Make sure you follow these tips regularly to give your dog a long and healthy life.

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